Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Poetry: Jade Flute Tune






Jade Flute Tune
Liu Yong

As clouds fly over the hilltop, the sunlight wanes by the lake,
Misty waters ripple before my eyes as I lean against the rail.
Looking at the panoramic view of the bleak landscape,
A thousands miles of high autumn that I cannot bear to see!
Far away is the immortal palace, where a fairy-like beauty reside,
Since parting there has been no response to my letters written on silk.
Like a lost wild goose without companion,
Slowly I come flitting down on an islet, my thoughts lingering.

I quietly recall the bygone days,
How we had so many rendezvous,
But how unmanageable the vicissitudes of life are,
Trials and hardships soon turn to regrets and melancholy!
Frustrated is my course of traveling,
Whenever by the rivers and up on mountains,
I can't help but feel the pain of old wounds in my heart,
Everything has turned into silence, all day long I do not speak,
But down the stairs I make my retreat.