Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Reading: The Humble Abode

作者: 刘禹锡


The Humble Abode
Author: Liu Yu Xi

A mountain does not have to be tall, its fame comes from the immortal who lives there. A river does not have to be deep, its power comes from the dragon who dwells there. This humble abode, only to me it has great virtue. Traces of moss grow upon the steps, the green grass enters through the curtains. There are educated scholars to talk and laugh with, there are no dealings with illiterate persons. It is possible to practice music, examine sacred books. There is no music of strings and flute to disturb the ear, no office work to tire the body out for. In Nan Yang there is a hut of the great scholar Zhu Ge Liang, in Xi Shu there is a pavilion of the philosopher Zi Yun. Confucious asks, 'How are those places humble?'

  lòu  / low / humble / plain / ugly / mean / vulgar /

  shì  / room /

铭 /   míng  / inscribed motto /

刘 /   líu  / Liu (Chinese surname) /

  yǔ  / name of an emperor /

锡 /   xí  / tin /

  dé  / Germany / virtue / goodness / morality / ethics / kindness / favor / character / kind /

  xīn  / fragrant /

鸿 /   hóng  / eastern bean goose / great / large /

  rú  / scholar / Confucian /