Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Reading Lesson: The Park's Flowers





The Park's Flowers

On day, a sister and brother went to the park to play.

The park's flowers are in bloom, some are yellow, some are white, and some are red.

The brother wanted to pick the flowers. The sister said: "Don't pick them, the park's flowers are for everyone to enjoy."

姐姐   jiě jie  / older sister /

弟弟   dì di  / younger brother /

公园 / 公園   gōng yuán  / a public park /

大家   dà jiā  / authority / everyone /

  zhāi  / to borrow / to pick (flowers, fruit) / to pluck / to take / to select /

  huā  / flower / blossom / to spend (money, time) / fancy pattern /