Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Reading: Kitty Goes Fishing





Kitty Goes Fishing

One day, the mother cat and her kitten went to the river to fish, but the kitten started chasing dragonflies. The dragonflies flew away and the kitten returned to the river empty-handed.

Kitty looked and saw that his mom had caught a big fish. Kitty thought: I have to catch a big fish, so he picked up the fishing rod to fish. Soon afterwards, a butterfly flew by, this butterfly was really beautiful! Kitty liked what he saw, so he put down the fishing rod and tried to catch the butterfly. But he was not able to catch the butterfly and returned to the river empty-handed again.

At this moment, Kitty's mom caught a big fish again. Kitty said to his mom: "How can I catch a fish?" His mom said, "Fishing must be done wholeheartedly, you tried to catch dragonflies for a while, and then tried to catch a butterfly, so of course you were not able to catch the fish." Kitty listened to the mom's words and focused wholeheartedly on fishing, finally he caught a big fish.

鱼 /   yú  / fish /

猫 /   māo  / cat / pussy /

  zhuō  / to clutch / to grab / to capture /

  hé  / river /

钓 /   diào  / to fish with a hook and bait /

  dié  / butterfly /

  xǐ  / to be fond of / to like / to enjoy / to be happy / to feel pleased / happiness / delight / glad /

  tíng  / dragonfly /

  fàng  / to release / to free / to let go / to put / to place / to let out /

竿   gān  / pole /