Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Proverb: As Long as the Green Mountains are There

古时候,有个老汉有两个儿子,大的叫青山,小的叫红山,老汉把东岗分给了青山,把西岗分给了红山。 西岗树木稠茂,能烧很好的木炭,红山很勤快,整天辛辛苦苦地烧木炭,日子过得很富裕,但三五年后,树都被他伐光了,于是红山就在岗上种了庄稼。不料一场暴雨冲走了红山辛辛苦苦种下的全部庄稼。他没有吃的,只好去东岗投奔哥哥。



During ancient times, there was an old man with two sons, the elder was called Qing Shan and the younger one was called Hong Shan. The old man gave his property of East Mountain to Qing Shan and West Mountain was assigned to Hong Shan. West Mountain's trees were numerous, very good for burning charcoal. Hong Shan was very diligent, working hard all day to burn charcoal. He lived a very rich life, but three to five years later, the trees that he cut down dwindled in numbers, so Hong Shan planted crops instead. Unexpectedly, a heavy rain washed away all the crops planted by Hong Shan. He could not eat and had to go to his brother at East Mountain.

East Mountain originally had few trees, but Qing Shan had a plan. He first cut down the trees with poor quality and then planted new seedlings. He did land reclamation, feeding cattle and horses. A few years ago, life was very hard, but three to five years later, the seedlings grew up to become large trees, the crops flourished, and his cattle and sheep multiplied. After the heavy rain, the East Mountain had the trees for protection, so the crops did not suffer.

Hong Shan saw that his brother's land was beautiful, and asked his brother for the reason, his brother earnestly told him: "You take from the mountain instead of nurturing the mountain, after a while, the mountain will be exhausted. You must first cultivate the mountain to create abundance!" Later, people praised Qing Shan, saying: "留得青山在,不怕没柴烧(As long as the green mountains are there, there is no need to worry about firewood.)"